Questions for logo design

  1. Purpose and Idea:
    • What is the purpose of creating a logo for your company?
    • Do you have any ideas or concepts that you would like to see in the logo?
  2. Attributes and Style:
    • What key attributes of your company would you like to reflect in the logo (e.g., reliability, innovation, quality)?
    • What style of logo is preferable (minimalistic, classic, modern design, etc.)?
  3. Colors and Fonts:
    • Do you have preferred colors for the logo?
    • What type of font do you prefer (modern, bold, italic, etc.)?
  4. Competition and Distinction:
    • Are there any competitors whose logos you like or dislike?
    • What would you like your logo to stand out from competitors?
  5. Usage of the Logo:
    • Where do you plan to use the logo (website, documents, products)?
    • Are there any specific format requirements for using the logo?
  6. Additional Details:
    • Do you have any additional preferences or requirements for the logo?
    • Do you have any preferences regarding the shape or symbolism you would like to see in the logo?